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BREVARD COUNTY SECURITY SERVICES presented by our Brevard County Security Guard Company comprise of commercial guard officers, retail store security officers, residential patrolling services, non-uniformed guard officers.BREVARD COUNTY SECURITY SERVICES

VIP celebrity security staffing, retail store loss prevention investigators, mystery shoppers, centre protection services, live-in body guard service and much more. Specific training combined with knowledge and each and every clients exact requirements is what makes successful guards service work as requested. Efficient screening of our security staff is the ideal approach to significantly lower employment hazard. Our security and body guard services provide our clientele with screening services such as employees criminal history search to aid with employment of sensitive staff.


BREVARD COUNTY SECURITY SERVICES may well be individualized for our clients in the event needed depending on their security guard service requirements. Brevard County Security Guard Services may be in the form of uniformed security guard services, plain clothing security guard service or undercover guard services and may possibly be used for a variety of circumstances


Brevard County Security Services out of our Brevard County security firm is unmatched in the security guard market. Our south Brevard County security guard company delivers private protective solutions unequaled in the field by local Brevard County security firms. Our Security Guard Company also has an in-house CCTV security systems division which retails and installs 8 Channel DVR Systems, Concealed Surveillance Cameras, and access control equipment.


Web video surveillance monitoring and on-line surveillance solutions may also be easily implemented with our virtual guard services. Brevard County Security Guard Services are only delivered by extremely trained and experienced Security officers out of our Security Guard Business. Our security guard office could deliver customers with many tailor made security and body guard solutions.


Brevard County Security guard Services may be delivered to private citizens, establishments, vim’s, dwellings, offices, famous people, residential communities & more.